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Featured Articles Archive for January 2008

Welcome to our archive of featured articles for the month of January 2008

  • The pros and cons of 100% mortgages [29.01.08]
    For those of us that own property and are planning to move the equity from our old property will hopefully cover the cost of any deposit and other costs associated with moving home
  • How effective are fixed rate mortgages? [20.01.08]
    There are a number of different mortgage types available these days, with something to suit a wide range of needs and circumstances. This includes variable rate mortgages, fixed rate mortgages, base rate tracker mortgages, 100% mortgages, bad credit mortgages, discount mortgages, and more.
  • Debt management plans – how they could help you [18.01.08]
    Many individuals in the UK are now juggling a range of debts with a number of creditors, and for many the struggle to keep up with repayments on debts eventually gets on top of them, resulting in missed and late repayments.


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