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If you are seeking a personal loan there are many options that are available, some times too many. Just what is the best selection for your personal requirements? How do you choose the right loan?

There are many factors that have to be taken in to consideration when you are about to apply for your next loan and in this section we will try and help you, through the use of information articles, choose the right loan.

There are articles listed here that will help in the choosing of loans, what to watch out for regarding loan charges, penalties and more.

Personal Loan Shopping Tips

  • Choosing A UK Personal Loan
    Making the decision to take out an unsecured personal loan is an important one for several reasons. Whatever you’re using the money for is likely to be an important financial investment, whether it’s home improvements, a car, debt consolidation or even a family holiday you’re planning to invest a significant amount of money in it.In this article we look at different types of loans available and also what are important points to consider.
  • Loan Extras – Adding Them To Find the True Cost of a Loan
    These days, financial advisors and banks will always give you one vital piece of advice when you are considering borrowing any amount of money, from anyone. That advice is to shop around. By shopping around, you gain a number of benefits that are virtually unobtainable in any other way.
  • Effective Loan Shopping
    Shopping for loans is very much similar to shopping for other, everyday items such as groceries and clothes. You would be much more likely to buy a certain item from shop A if it was substantially cheaper than shop B, this is the normal way of the world. Shopping for loans is no different, you must shop around for the best deal available.
  • Money Saving Loan Tips
    If you’ve decided to take out a personal loan your committing yourself to a financial agreement that will not only usually last for a period of between 1 and 5 years but also will cost you money in fees and APR charges. Thus most consumers will consider it important to try and get the best deal and save money where they can
  • Money Saving Loan Tips Part 2
    When taking out a personal loan you have more to consider than APR charges, loan companies charge a variety of penalties depending on the company and additionally payment protection insurance is a product worth investing in to cover yourself should the worst happen.

Personal Loans Penalties/Charges Advice

  • Early Redemption Penalty – Am I Being Ripped Off?
    If you have taken out a loan and now decide to pay it back before the loan complettion date you may be forced to pay and early redemption penalty, normally around 2 months interest. However, are these just another money making exercise to fleece you of you cash? Read on to find out more.
  • Personal Loans Payment Protection
    If you have payment protection on any personal loans that you may have made, did you know that you could be paying upwards of £2000 on top of the original debt including the interest?
  • Loan Penalties
    Article relating to loan fees and loan penalties for loans in the UK. Includes information about arrangement fees, loan insurance, loan transfer costs and early redemption penalties

Secured Loan

  • How Much Can I Borrow with a Secured Loan?
    With the rate that consumer debt continues to rise, it may appear to some like as if there is no limit to the amount they can borrow... In fact, if it appears as if a lender is too willing to lend you more than you believe appropriate, it is a good sign that you should begin to be getting suspicious of the practices and standards of the lender.
  • Why Take a Secured Loan for Home Improvement?
    There are many reasons why people borrow money, and just as many ways in which to do so. Common borrowing purposes can basically be divided into two categories.

Consolidation Loans

  • Debt Consolidation with Bad Credit
    So you want start rebuilding the financial mess that you are in at the moment by consolidating all the loans and debt that you currently have. But what to do when you have bad credit and the debt consolidation company will not even lend to you?
  • Can I Consolidate my Debts with a Personal Secured Loan
    Debt consolidation continues to grow in popularity as more and more people realise the savings they can make from doing so. Debt consolidation is a relatively simple concept. You first assess all your existing debts...
  • Finding the Best Consolidation Loan
    The average level of consumer credit continues to increase every year. Today there are more people in debt than ever before. This also means that there are more people having trouble making debt repayments than ever before.

Home Loan Tips

  • Pitfalls of Having a UK Home Loan
    We hope in this section to guide and inform you of the pitfalls of getting a UK home loan. Which lender will give you the best deal and who will charge you the most. Here are our top five concerns that you need to look out for when making the decision of who lends you your home loan.
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