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The average level of consumer credit continues to increase every year. Today there are more people in debt than ever before. This also means that there are more people having trouble making debt repayments than ever before.

The debt of today’s consumers is structured in a variety of ways. This usually comprises credit card debt, store card debt, bank overdrafts and sometimes car loan repayments, personal loan repayments or student loan repayments. These varying debts can have widely different interest rates and terms and conditions. Some of them will be very attractive, with low interest rates and generous repayment terms. Debts such as student loans will often fall into this category. Others will be far less attractive however. Many credit and store cards, for example, will charge very high levels of interest, with APRs often in excess of 25-30% or more.

Consumers are aware of the benefits offered by debt consolidation and more and more consumers are opting for this form of loan as a means to improving the terms and interest costs of their existing debt. How debt consolidation loans work is that you take out a loan equal to the total of what you owe on your credit cards, store cards, and other high interest loan repayments. You then use this loan to repay all the other debts, meaning that they are cleared and you are no longer subject to their onerous terms and interest rates. All you have to do is repay the consolidation loan, which makes life a lot easier by reducing all your various bills into one monthly payment. It will also save you a lot of money as the interest on the consolidation loan will be a lot lower than on the previous debts, this is the main purpose of the loan after all.

However, like all loans, there is a huge variety of providers and lenders on the market, and their interest rates and other terms and charges vary enormously. It is amazing how much of a difference you can pay for exactly the same loan, depending on who you by it from. Therefore, what you must always do is shop around carefully for a debt consolidation loan.

Shopping around will give you best possible idea of what kind of terms and interest rates to expect from the market. You will be a far more informed consumer and thus less likely to be ripped off or taken advantage of when you apply for a consolidation loan. You will also have a much better chance of finding the better deals and cheapest loan options that are available for this type of loan.

The Internet has made shopping around for loans far easier and more practical. When once you would have had to march up and down the high street, asking all the lenders what were their terms and conditions for consolidation loans, now you can do a search on the Internet, find literally hundreds of lenders, and simply visit their websites and see what they have to offer. Many of these websites will also have online application forms that allow you to type in your details and get an instant response from the lender on whether or not you would be approved for their loans and what the terms and interest rates would be. This means that you can make your final decision on what loan to opt for based on real facts. You will know what each lender is offering you personally, and will be able to decide which lender you wish to go for based on this personally tailored information, rather than simply going by a brochure or advertisement and not knowing what the terms would be or whether you are eligible until you have applied.

As well as shopping around yourself, another option, to make sure you really do get the best deals possible, is to search for your loan using a lending broker. These agents will able to search through an absolutely enormous amount of lenders and find you the best possible deals available. They will be able to search more options than you practically could, doing it on your own, and they will also have access to special rates and savings because of the better terms they can get from lenders. These savings can be passed directly on to you.

However, you should always be careful who you deal with as a lending broker as some will be only too happy to sell you an inappropriate or over priced product. Only deal with an agent you think you can trust, and even when you do, it is a good idea to do a little shopping around yourself so that you can find out what is available and see how the broker compares to what you have found yourself.

While debt consolidation loans are a great way of getting your debts under control, they do represent a substantial financial commitment and you are well advised to take the time necessary to find the very best deal you can on the market.

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