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Featured Articles Archive for February 2008

Welcome to our archive of featured articles for the month of February 2008

  • Making sure you keep up with repayments on finance [28.02.08]
    From time to time we all need to borrow money for something or another, whether it is in the form of a mortgage to get our own home, a car loan to buy a vehicle, or a credit card to provide ease and convenience on a day to day basis.
  • How to better manage your debts [19.02.08]
    Many of us know how difficult it can be to deal with high levels of debt, and when you have a wide range of creditors to deal with and a variety of repayments to make each month, budgeting and financial management can become very difficult.
  • Using your home to get a competitive loan [15.02.08]
    With a choice of financial solutions available to those that want to borrow money it is important to consider what your best option is before you make a financial commitment such as a loan.
  • Loans for people with bad credit [11.02.08]
    Having bad credit these days can affect your financial future quite significantly, but it no longer means that you cannot get credit.
  • How a consolidation loan could help you [09.02.08]
    As most of us know the debt mountain in the UK is huge, so it is not surprising that many of us have a large number of debts that we have to deal with, and a range of creditors to whom we owe money.


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