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Featured Articles Archive for May 2008

Welcome to our archive of featured articles for the month of May 2008

  • Repossession orders are expected to keep rising [16.05.08]
    The Ministry of Justice is due to release a report into repossession levels and repossession order levels this week, and many expect the picture to look very bleak. According to recent report repossession levels could rocket this year by around 67%, as homeowner continue their struggle with increased repayments
  • Banks turning more unsecured debts into secured ones [13.5.08]
    Bad debt levels have been the cause of major problems for banks and lenders in the UK for some years, but over the past year an increasing number of people have defaulted in their debts, with increased mortgage payments, bills, and living costs impacting on their ability to pay.
  • Watch out for mortgage arrangement fees [10.05.08]
    These days taking out a mortgage can be very expensive and difficult. A couple of years ago, lenders were doing all that they could to make it easier and more affordable to take out a mortgage, such as offering higher income multiples and increasing repayment periods for borrowers.
  • Vorderman gets slated again over promotion of risk loans [10.05.08]
    It seems that Carol Vorderman can't do right for doing wrong these days, after being slated once again by financial industry officials over her promotion of risky loans. The Countdown star has been the face of First Plus loans for a number of years now, and over the past couple of years has found herself at the centre of controversy as a result of the financial products that she has promoted.


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