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Featured Articles Archive for August 2007

Welcome to our archive of featured articles for the month of August 2007

  • HIPs: Not Enough Work For Inspectors [15.08.07]
    Home Information Packs (HIPs) have been in place for less than two weeks and they’re under fire once again. HIPs were introduced on 1 August for properties with four bedrooms or more, but most of the inspectors have yet to complete a single job
  • Adverse Credit Mortgages Overview [10.08.07]
    Poor credit history arises from such problems as defaults, mortgage arrears, bankrupt, county court judgements (CCJs). People in these situations will probably need an adverse credit mortgage.
  • Home Repossessions On The Increase [09.08.07]
    An average off 77 properties a day were repossessed in the UK in the first half of the year – an increase of nearly a third, and it takes the rate to its highest level for eight years.
  • Buy-to-let Considerations [07.08.07]
    Buy-To-Let investments have become really popular in Britain in recent years. As interest rates on savings have fallen, and as pension funds have been raided and endowments have dwindled, Brits have turned to property to make money
  • London's Coolest Property Spot [06.08.07]
    The rising prices of houses have left those searching for their first homes in a difficult position as affordability has reached its highest ever level. Nevertheless, recent research has revealed that some exciting deals can be found if people extend their searches.
  • Government Plans Massive House Building Programme [02.08.07]
    A Green Paper is expected to reveal how the Government plans to ease Britain’s property problems. It could be the most radical attempt to influence the housing industry since the building boom of the ‘60s.
  • Mortgage Demand Slows [01.08.07]
    It appears that higher interest are pushing a bigger dent into the demand for mortgages and forcing down the rate of house price increases at last. Two sets of figures issued today suggest that the housing market slowdown has arrived.
  • Forecast Group Says House Prices Will Stagnate In 2008 [01.08.07]
    A leading forecast group in the housing market has predicted that the housing market will come to a jarring stop next year at a point when the interest rate rises finally start to have a real impact on people’s budgets.


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