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Strange but true - loans for strange purposes

People need money (or think they do) for a wide variety of reasons. As a result, the business of personal loans is a booming one. While many people typically think of standard purposes when "loan" comes to mind, the reasons for seeking a personal loan are far and wide.

Not surprisingly, many people seeking loans want the funds to go toward large purchases or projects, such as buying or renovating a home, purchasing a car, or taking a holiday. But if you think that these summarise the typical loan, think again!

A recent study investigated the reasons behind personal loans and the results are somewhat startling.

Does money buy happiness?

Not necessarily, but according to the study, plastic surgery does. That's right--over half of Britons (fifty-seven percent) believe that plastic surgery is the solution to their woes. But cosmetic surgery is expensive, and hence, a loan is the answer.

A startling ninety percent of Briton's population wishes to change something about their appearance. Of these, ten percent would consider a loan to fund the process. How popular is cosmetic surgery these days? These types of operations rose by more than half in the past year.

So what may have once been thought of as an eccentric use of loan monies, cosmetic surgery is now moving into the big arena with home and car loans. Whereas banks used to log loan requests for self-improvement under the miscellaneous category, cosmetic surgery now has its own listing.

If you think that getting rid of laugh lines isn't that amusing, perhaps some of the other findings will tickle your fancy. For example, one loan request of £15,000 was earmarked for a camel purchase (the animal, not a packet of cigarettes). Another animal request was for a black stallion worth £10,000.

One seemingly normal request was from a property developer who wished to use the funds for a large renovation project--transforming a cave into a "habitable abode." Yet another loan applicant wished to purchase a suit of armor for £5,000.

Regardless of the reasons behind funding requests, lenders and Britons at large can rest assured that there are still those among us with eccentric tastes, grand visions, and an atypical sense of business. And if that doesn't do it for you, perhaps you can find comfort knowing that, the way things are looking, the majority of the population is on its way to becoming "lookers."
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