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Featured Articles Archive for July 2007

Welcome to our archive of featured articles for the month of July 2007

  • How Parents Can Help Children With Their Mortgage [26.07.07]
    With house prices having continued to soar and the debts that students now face, many young people are left with little chance of buying their own home. Although lenders are continually looking at ways they can help first-time buyers with new products, it is often to their parents that they turn for help.
  • Remortgaging – Can It Save You Money? [25.07.07]
    Some people change mortgages to get the best mortgage deal and save money; others are using it as a way to get some extra cash.
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages: Check The Small Print [17.07.07]
    Mortgage owners will be bracing themselves for another rise in interest rates in the near future. However, while they’re hit by interest rate rises, they could be failing to spot the best deals thanks to the confusing small print.
  • Prepare For The End of Your Fixed Rate [15.07.07]
    The Bank of England has now raised the base interest rate five times in the last twelve months, taking it from 4.5% to its current level of 5.75%.
  • Look For Breathing Space As Mortgages Are Set To Rocket For Millions [13.07.07]
    A crisis is looming for more than two million homeowners who are coming to the end of fix rate mortgage deals and could see their costs rocket by as much as 80%. The Council of Mortgage Lenders says that those are the numbers of people coming to the end of two year old deals in the next eighteen months.
  • How To Speed Up The Homebuying Process [11.07.07]
    Buying a home has always been a slow, seemingly cumbersome process. In these days of instant decisions and ‘24x7’ services, the housebuying process seems to lag behind.
  • Why Is Stamp Duty Is So Unpopular? [09.07.07]
    On top of everything else when you’re buying a house comes the pain of stamp duty. Now, more than five out of every six homebuyers are forced to pay this unpopular tax.
  • June House Prices Surprise Experts [06.07.07]
    Well, it seems as though the experts are going to be confounded once again. All expectations have been for house prices to be reaching their peak and for the rise to be slowing down and reaching the tipping point.
  • The Monetary Policy Committee [06.07.07]
    Interest rates are in the news these days. The four quarter point rises between August 2006 and May 2007 have brought the base rate of the Bank of England firmly back into the news as the effect on people’s pockets in terms especially, of mortgage repayments, has been hard.
  • Reclaiming Early Redemption Charges [02.07.06]
    There has been a lot of action and press coverage about bank charges, and, led by campaigners, customers have disputed such charges and in most cases money has been returned.
  • Personal Loan Basics [01.07.07]
    What should you look for when choosing a personal loan? A personal loan is a standard method of borrowing money from a building society, bank or specialist loan company. Loans can be anything up to £15,000 and the payback period can be anything from six months to ten years, depending on your financial situation.


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