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Featured Articles Archive for Octoberr 2007

Welcome to our archive of featured articles for the month of October 2007

  • Using a secured loan to increase space in your home [24.10.07]
    Every year many people in the UK decide to move home for one of a variety of reasons. Some people decide to move because of work location, to be nearer to loved ones, or simply because they want to move to a different area.
  • Benefit from a home improvement loan [16.10.07]
    Many homeowners take out secured home improvement loans every year, and these loans provide an effective solution for those that want to improve the look and practicality of their homes, increase saleability, and add to the value of their homes.
  • Getting your finances in order for Christmas [08.10.07]
    With the summer holidays well and truly over and Christmas fast approaching many people in the UK may be panicking over the state of their finances.
  • Where Next For Borrowers? [01.10.07]
    The problems with Northern Rock and the background of the credit crunch has brought into focus people’s borrowing habits. If people weren’t thinking about the extent of their debt exposure, in terms of their mortgage loans and credit cards, beforehand, then they surely should be now. Despite attempts by the government to reassure people with regard to their savings, confidence has been eroded.


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