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UK Loan News - September 2005

Welcome to our news archive for September 2005.

  • Government to Make War on Loan Sharks - The Government has vowed to build on the work of an agency set up in Glasgow to fight the scourge of loan sharks
  • Making the Bad Financial Option Look Good - We all want a good deal, particularly when taking out a personal loan or any kind of financial product. After all financial commitments are likely to last years and if you get a bad deal you could end up paying vastly more than necessary.
  • Make Best Use of Your Wedding Loan - If you are thinking of taking the plunge this year and getting hitched to your sweetheart, then I and everybody else will wish you good luck on your marriage.
  • Housing Market Upbeat About Future - Halifax have released figures, that will not help the feeling of homeowners who are trying to be rid of their property as week demand for the housing market has seen prices stall and level out, for the first 6 months of the year.
  • Northern Bank Hit Again - Just when you thought that the Northern Bank in Belfast, had seen it all with the Largest Bank robbery that the UK has ever seen (£26.5 million), from it’s headquarters last year, as now been the victim of another scam that has netted thieves more cash from the Northern Banks vaults.
  • Bad Debt Cost Rising
    Bad debtors in the UK are expected to have cost the five big banks in this fair land, maybe the five chairmen of those banks should take a seat, before the figure is read out, sitting comfortably lads, well here goes, £11 billion or maybe even more
  • Couple’s Financial Problems - Hands up all of those who have had an argument with his or her spouse on the subject of money. Quite a few I would imagine and recent figures released after research by Hfs Loans finds that a quarter of all young British couples will have already had money problems that have led to squabbles.
  • Bankruptcy Levels Increase - Bankruptcy levels have raised again this year, with the total amount of people who have to go down this road and declare themselves bankrupt, is up 40% on the totals last year, with an astounding 15,500 from April to June this year having seen their finances getting to much for them to service.


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