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News Archive From September 2006

  • Instant UK Mortgage Approvals Could Be Available Soon [28.09.06]
    Given the changes in technology over the last decade, it seems somewhat antiquated that hopeful home buyers in England and Wales still have to wait an average of three weeks before their UK home mortgage loan is approved. However, this could soon be a thing of the past.
  • UK Mortgage Lending Hits New High [27.09.06]
    Who says increases in base rate are bad for home mortgage loans? Not according to the recent figures announced by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), which show an overall increase in home mortgage lending in the UK year-on-year of 21% and 7% month-on-month from July. Clearly the UK home mortgage market is vibrant and healthy.
  • Has The Time Come To Fix My UK Home Mortgage Loan Rate? [26.09.06]
    With the somewhat surprising recently announced rise in the UK base rate affecting UK homeowners with floating rate mortgages, and with economists and industry analysts now predicating that UK base rate is likely to reach 5% sooner rather than later, many UK homeowners may be left wondering whether or not the time is not right to jump ship and re-mortgage their home mortgage loan at a fix rate.
  • Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance Is Set To Become Compulsory In The UK [25.09.06]
    Recently leaked details of discussions taking place between some of the UK’s leading debt charities and mortgage lenders as added to speculation that the UK’s leading mortgage lenders look to cash in with the introduction of compulsory Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (“MPPI”).
  • UK Homeowners Risk Losing Homes Due to Mortgage Arrears [20.09.06]
    According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, hundreds of thousands of UK homeowners risk losing their homes as they fall behind with their mortgage repayments.
  • Britannia Announce Reduced UK Mortgage Rates [19.09.06]
    UK homeowners growing weary of all the recent bad economic news relating to increased interest rates and credit crackdowns will no doubt be delighted to hear that Britannia Society has decided to buck the recent trend of raising home mortgage loan interest rates by offering a reduced mortgage interest rates.
  • The Average Brit is Spending 19% Of Their Pay On Mortgage Repayments [18.09.06]
    The average cost of a house in the UK just crashed through the £ 200,000 barrier, meaning that the average cost of a house in UK has now doubled in the last four years. Roughly put, this means that the cost of an average house in the UK is now rising £ 100 a day!
  • UK First Time Buyers Stretched To Breaking Point [15.09.06]
    The recently announced rise in interest rates by the Bank of England couldn't have come at a worse time for the hundreds of thousands of Brits who are failing to make their mortgage repayments and who now risk losing their homes.
  • UK Interest Rates Likely To Rise Again [14.09.06]
    The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)’s shock rise in the base interest rate, to 4.75%, so soon after having charged lots of money on their credit cards during the summer holidays meant that many UK homeowners were faced with increased mortgage repayments at a time when they also needed to make increased credit card repayments. Unfortunately, however, the doom and gloom may not yet be over!
  • UK Consumers Urged to Eliminate Personal Debt [13.09.06]
    UK consumers have been urged to rid themselves of personal debt and re-think their spending habits as Britain’s debt problem grows.
  • Group Home Loans Soar 50% In The UK [11.09.06]
    With rising house prices and home loan interest rates in the UK, one product being offered by the UK’s biggest bank, HSBC, is being greeted with growing interest – HSBC’s group home loans.
  • Retailers Still Love the Smell of Cash [09.08.06]
    Recent research by the Alliance & Leicester has revealed that almost a quarter of a million UK retailers still prefer cold, hard cash as their preferred method of payment for customer transactions.
  • Abbey Customers Need To Double-check Their Statements [08.09.06]
    If you used your Abbey Visa debit card over the August bank holiday weekend you may well have just received a wake-up call as to why you need to keep your credit card receipts and check your credit card statements very carefully.


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