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According to one financial adviser in the UK many consumers could find their way to financial freedom more easily by consolidating their existing debts.

This could avoid costly interest charges and minimizing on the risk of missed and late repayments, which can result in hefty charges and fees. Many of those with a number of debts to deal with have credit cards and debit cards, which charge extortionate rates of interest, along with various other debts such as overdrafts and catalogues.

According to the financial adviser those with a number of debts, especially those with high interest debts, could save themselves money on a monthly basis, giving them more in the way of disposable income, and could also save money on the amount of interest that they pay overall by paying off more expensive credit such as credit cards. They can also enjoy easier financial management, with just one debt to pay rather than several.

The financial adviser, Adrian Kidd, from Mint Financial Services, added that the interest rates charged on an unsecured personal loan could be significantly lower than on a credit card, which can make a big different to repayments. According to recent data, credit cards are amongst the most popular debts to be paid off by consumers when consolidating debt, although there is a high risk of them being used again unless the consumer closes the account.

Another related survey showed that around a quarter of those taking out debt consolidation loans to pay off their higher interest debts actually managed to get out of debt earlier than they may otherwise have done as a result of taking on the larger loan and paying off the higher interest smaller debts.

Tom Smith
18th August 2007

Recent News:

  • No Rise In Interest Rates - MPC [17.08.07]
    In August the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted to hold UK interest rates at 5.75%, the level set the month before. The 5.75% rate was the highest since March 2001 and represented the fifth rise in twelve months, having taken the base rate from 4.5% last August.
  • Homeowners adding value to their homes with loans [17.08.07]
    Over recent years secured, homeowners loans have become increasingly popular in the UK, and one of the leading factors in this rise in popularity is the growth in property prices.
  • Global Market Crisis [15.08.09]
    It seems the US sub-prime crisis has finally spread around the world – with a vengeance. Global stock markets took a hammering last week as a knock-on effect from the problems that started in the United States.
  • Number of people in serious debt rockets [13.08.07]
    According to a recent report the number of people that are in serious debt has risen by around 30% in the last year alone. Debt levels in the UK have been at the centre of concern for some years, as the debt mountain continues to rise and bad debt levels smash through unprecedented barriers.
  • Leading mortgage lender announces mortgage exit fees will be scrapped [13.08.07]
    A number of major lenders in the UK have recently announced that they have scrapped mortgage exit fees, which are charged to borrowers when they repay a mortgage or when they close a mortgage account to switch to another lender.
  • Halifax’s 25 Year Fixe Rate Mortgage Offering [09.08.07]
    Halifax (HBOS) has joined those offering 25-year fixed rate mortgages with a rate of 6.39%. The deal has an arrangement fee of £599 and an early repayment charge of 3% over the first ten years.
  • No change to interest rates this month [07.08.07]
    The Bank of England has announced that there will be no rise in interest rates this month following the Monetary Policy Committee meeting. Interest rates have gone up five times in the past year by 0.25% each time taking the rate from 4.5% last August to 5.75% in July.


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