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Church of England to offer debt advice

The Church of England has launched a campaign that is aimed at helping those that are suffering debt problems, including those that are suffering post-Christmas financial woes.

The campaign, simply called 'A Matter of Life and Debt', aims to offer valuable advice, support, and focus to those with debt issues to help them to resolve their debt problems effectively and without digging themselves in deeper.

The campaign includes offering advice, practical tips, guidance, and even prayers to help those in debt. There is a ten point check list that consumers are also given, which can help to indicate if they are headed towards serious debt problems. The checklist includes danger signs such as seeing your savings disappear or needing to take out one credit card or loan to repay another.

One church official stated: "If a household can say "yes" to any of the statements on the checklist, it may be on the verge of encountering serious debt issues, and should carefully consider taking some of the advice included in the pages of Matter of Life and Debt."

He added: "If a household can say "yes" to three or more of the warning signs it would be well advised to talk to a debt counselling service, such as the ones we link to online."

There is a biblical angle to the campaign by the Church of England, and much of the guidance will also be biblical with the focus being on being content to spend only what you can afford to spend. Many people are expected to declare themselves insolvent this year as a result of serious debt problems and even simply due to overspending over the Christmas period.

Tom Smith
15th January 2008

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